School for Young Artists


It was 1980 and I had the opportunity to stop working in a private school, take a breath, and asses my work and my future. I love children, art and teaching, so I put together a Saturday program, called the Saturday School for Young Artists. It was based on the curriculum of a first year fine arts student at Carnegie Mellon University and translated into Marie Montessori style apparatus to communicate concepts to young people, who are more concrete in their thinking processes. Those devices are still available in my studio but my experimentation brought me unexpected insights. The children were more interested in the little clay figures that my own children had made. I followed their lead. While I developed my own art and skills, I tempted my students with possibilities through examples and materials.
In 1985 I bought our present facility, the old Bearsville School House.  The front part of the structure was built in the 1880’s was the school and now is our gallery. The rear was added when the school district sold the property to a baker, Henry Kirschbaum. It is now our studio.