School for Young Artists
How to Be a Patron or Parent of a Child Beneficiary

I have a reach-out program for children who have experienced at least one art class and are strongly expressing their desires to continue.

All potential beneficiaries are anonymous. Their parents take photos of the art their children are doing and keep notes on what the children are saying. I publish these via social media. Each child I represent chooses a pseudonym, which I use so each work can be identified with each artist.

Should you choose to become the involved parent of one such young artist, and your child has not attended class with me before, talk to me, then sign him/her up for one class at half-price.

All patrons are anonymous. They can come to love and respect their beneficiaries through their art and verbal expression. Patrons can donate any amount from $5 to full, year-round plans. They can choose a particular beneficiary or their contributions can be divided among all the candidates.

Should you choose to become a patron of these young artists, you can donate through PayPal by clicking on the DONATE button. Be sure to leave the email address you want to use for me to keep you up to date with the work of your beneficiaries. and if you want to focus on particular children, give me their pseudonyms.

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