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Parents Participate with Their Children

Miniature Sculpture Garden

Adults participate in our classes in various ways.

Parents are always welcome to join their children at no extra charge during the children’s classes, as long as their children don’t object. We all learn from each other and when children see adults engaging in creative ways, they come to understand that inventing is something that they can do for the rest of their lives.

After I have met adults who show interest in my classes they are welcome to observe.

And then there are the adult classes where my work is about supporting and helping to sustain each person’s individuality. The classes are three hours long and include tools and materials in the fee. If I taught a painting class, a sewing class or a computer class, I could tell my students to buy their own materials, but that is not the way creativity works. I teach in the moment to what inspires each person. This takes much of the pressure to perform away, and there are no hidden costs. Adult Classes