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Becoming an Ideal: Meet Elsa from the Movie, Frozen

Costumes Help to Realize Fantasies

Elsa, a Character in the Animated Movie Frozen, Inspired Many Girls

She decided to make a cape and was very specific about its length and style. I think the fabric she found actually inspired it.

The Fabric Inspired This Creation

The Fabric Inspired This Creation

This responsible young man wanted to use the sewing machine, which he’d never done before; he’d been observing others though. I didn’t even have to do it with him this first time. I gave him some verbal directions and a piece of fabric. He stitched and folded finally coming up with this outrageous soft sculpture. Notice his pride and delight.

Sewing Machine Sculpture
He learned more about sculpting in this one session than I could ever have taught him.

She made all the decisions, including the fact that she wanted to make a jacket. I only taught her techniques to achieve her goals. Notice her pride and power.