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How Old do You Have to Be?

What Are the Schedules?

How Much Does It Cost?


Before you or your child attends a second class, I want you to fill out the Registration form and also decide which plan I offer that best fits your needs.

There are a variety of ways that you and your children can engage with our school.

  1. Maybe you realize how valuable my work with children is and you’d like your child/children to attend frequently. We have two kinds of unlimited-classes packages, one for the three weekday classes, and one that includes both weekdays and Saturdays. These extremely discounted packages afford your child the opportunity to get an unparalleled education in creative processes.  Unlimited Weekday Classes – Unlimited Classes
  2. You may want a small package of classes. There is an 8-class package, which is offered throughout the year, and a 6-class package, which is offered during the summer. Both are paid in advance and reflect a 5% discount from the $40 per-class rate.Children’s Weekday Classes – Children’s Saturday Classes
  3. Private Sessions for one to five people Payment Plans – Tuition Information and Options
  4. Private Classes and Party Time for six to twelve people Private Plan & Party Plan
  5. Adult Classes Adults often see the studio as an incredible opportunity for their own creative work. Sometimes they appreciate my own work and want to know how I do it. Check it out in our gallery. The adult classes are three hours long. People of all levels of experience come together in this group.My purpose is to support each person in exploring her or his own unique vision and needs.
  6. One Class at a Time ($40 per class.) Be sure that you are clear with me for each class you want to pay for individually. If I am saving a space for your child, I do have to charge you if you or your child don’t show.

Registration: Includes contact information, emergency contact numbers, information about your child’s  or your unique needs, including emergency medical permission. We need this form on file for every ongoing underage student. There is a one-time registration fee of $25 to enter this vital information into our system.

See here all the payment plans in one document. Once you’ve decided on your plan, go over the contract associated with it. Payment Plans – Tuition Information and Options

If you want your child to attend but can’t see how to make that happen, talk to me about it.