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All You Want to Know about What You Want to Spend at Kathy Anderson’s School for Young Artists

Not all plans are available at all times; they depend on enrollment and/or time of year.

Payment Packages

Other Offerings 

Classes Paid for Individually, Children and Adults $40

Private 1 Hour Sessions – 1 Person – $65 – 2 People $120 – 3 People – $150 Call (845) 679-9541 or email to set up your private session(s).

Birthday Parties, Art Sessions and Private Classes — 2 hours — 6 to 12 People Private Plan & Party Plan

For you who are new to our school, and want to take advantage of a 6 or 8 class discount package, but would like to experience a class first, I offer a way to do both. Pay the full rate for the first class. If you decide that you want to invest in our program, subtract the first class from the number of classes in the discount package and the cost of that class from the discount total. I don’t offer this for the unlimited classes packages.

Click here for Payment Plans – Tuition Information and Options (If you open this PDF file with Adobe Acrobat you will be able to fill it out online.)

One-Time Family Registration Fee – $25

Parent/Teacher Conferences – After first eight classes, one per year – 50 minutes …..FREE

Parent/Teacher Conference on request $65

Remember to fill out the registration form. Registration