School for Young Artists

Of course you can always pay per class at $40 each, but many people prefer the 5% discounted packages. Starting in June, I offer this 5% discounted, six-class package. Summer time calls for flexibility because of day trips, visiting family, all too brief vacations and sleep-away summer camp. On the other hand it also means that cousins, nieces, nephews and grandchildren come for a stay. Summer classes can be taken intermittently as long as you reserve a space(s). As usual, if you can’t make a class, I need as much notice as possible so that I can fill the space with someone who is waiting. I have to charge you for the class I’ve saved for you when your child doesn’t show. If you purchase this package and don’t use it all up before school starts in September, you may use those classes during the school year. Summer Classes

Summer classes are also available for those who purchase the Unlimited Classes package, Unlimited Weekday Classes Packages, Eight-class Packages and individually purchased classes.