School for Young Artists
The Society of an Open Studio

Personalities affect how the class unfolds. There are some people who are “higher maintenance” than others. They may tend toward being greedy, controlling, or undisciplined.  They deserve an equal share but not more than that.

All emotions, even anger and sadness, have a rightful place in our lives. When they are not driven from fear, they are simply responses to the present so they inform us about our relationship to the world. I have the job of staying in the present, being aware of my limitations including my fears.

If behavior goes beyond the limits of what I feel I can leave to chance, I have to rein it in. My personal limitations become the container for this work in progress. Human limitations are universal. We don’t know what motivates someone else, don’t feel exactly the same as they feel, and don’t have the power to fix someone else’s problems. Knowing my limitations lets me recognize the creative container within which we work.