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Paint-in-the-Dark Box

Paint-in-the-Dark Box

By In Workshops On January 12, 2016

Even children can become jaded with painting; our society is so fraught with images, selling, selling, selling while every face smiles. It’s no wonder that by the age of eight or nine most children are inured to what they see. That’s why I made a paint-in-the-dark box.

This paint-in-the-dark box is for the dark of the year, when by mid-way through an after school class we are dramatically plunged into pitch black night. The holidays with their twinkling lights have passed and ennui has set in. My challenge was how to use this time to inspire my students. I want to re-awake in them the pleasure of watching paint flow and colors mingle.

Click on an image to get the full effect of seeing these colors with a black surround. 


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