School for Young Artists
My Educational Goals

When I’m sewing a stuffed animal or drawing with a student a casual observer might think that making a stuffed animal or a drawing is my purpose, but these are only immediate objectives. There are any number of interim objectives, but my meta goals, the ones that are my rudder and my guide is to bring my students along so that they might become responsible, self-fulfilled adults.

Responsible adults don’t spring fully developed at the age of twenty one; there are long involved processes, which don’t end at twenty one either. Finding out what they can do by themselves and what they need help with are important. When students can accomplish something without an adult’s overseeing them, (be it conflict resolution or independence in achieving personal goals) they experience an aspect of what it can feel like to be an adult. They feel their personal power. Most children believe that adults get to do just what they want to do; on the other hand, being able to recognize what we can influence and what we can’t is a landmark of adulthood. Our work lets young people experiment with this. I allow independent exploration, and I am there when help is needed.

My philosophy sustains mutual support, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas and skills. If students don’t have to fight for their rights or vie for a place, cooperation is natural. When student’s ideas are respected, they tend to be proud to share them. When students feel competent, they want to help others because it makes them feel good.

As a result of my adhering to my philosophy, my students’ work reflects their unique natures.

The interaction among our students and teachers, which we call creative dialogue, results in the sharing of interests and excitement. It is no co-incidence that the art scenes like Paris around the turn of the last century or New York in the fifties resulted in visions that have influenced the world. It is the way of the creative spirit that it seeks that spirit in others. This is what we offer at The School for Young Artists.