School for Young Artists
Safety in the Studio

The way I set up the studio helps me to give over more control to my students.

  • I arrange work areas to make accidents less likely. Containers and sharp objects are placed away from the edges of the tables. they are set up for right-handed people so that there is less “reaching over the work.” I pay attention to left-handed people and urge them to rearrange the area for their orientation to it.
  • Surplus supplies are kept out of sight so that available materials are used more sparingly.
  • The floor plan is arranged to cut down on running.
  • I make sure there is overall lighting and that particular stations like the drawing table and sewing machines, have their own light.
  • I expect students to wipe up their spills so that the floor is not slippery.

I avoid saying don’t whenever possible. Too many stated limitations stifles creativity. If you have to remember a lot of don’ts what you are tuned into is don’ts.

First I take responsibility for the tools and materials we offer, next I take precautions in how and where they are set up, and then I take my chances. Over this past 30 plus years I have a very good safety record.